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We offer private and semi-private Yoga classes the options are listed below:


Yin Yoga:

In this style of yoga you will experience a passive, yet deep practice that works to open the body slowly with grounding postures and long holds. Each posture is held for 3-5 minutes to get deep into the tissue. You will leave this class feeling open and rejuvenated. All levels are welcome. 


Restorative Yoga:

During the restorative class you will feel the effects of this class on the nervous system to promote deep relaxation, renewal and balance. Some of the benefits of restorative are that you will sleep better, improve breathing and relieve stress creating a complete relaxation through the entire body. Recommended for all students and all levels. Props will be used. 


All Levels Yoga:

This class is designed to get the heart rate up, while focusing inward on the breating and the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. There will be modifications given and advanced poses suggested. This class is great for any level yogi. You will hold the poses and link postures together to create strenght and balance. Movements will be linked with breath work. All levels welcome. Props may be used.



During this flow class, poses will be linked together and will move quickly, designed to make you sweat and increase your heart rate as well as increase strength and flexibility. Modifications will be given and you are encouraged to do only what feels good for YOU. Movements will be linked with breath. This is a great class for someone who is relatively new to yoga or for the experienced yogi. Props may be used. 



 Not for the faint of heart. This power class will move through poses leading up to a peak pose. Arm balances and vinyasas will be practiced. We will link movements with breath and focus on strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. Upbeat music will support this practice. 


Mommy and Me

A great introduction to Yoga and an equally fun introduction to Yoga for kids.  This excellent bonding experience invites Mom AND Dad to be accompanied by their young ones while enjoying yoga. 

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