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Vibration Therapy

Science has learned that the human body adapts to various stressors and stimuli. The Whole Body Vibration produces amazing results as a result of that adaptation process. When you stand on your VibraTrim, the vibration energy is transferred to your entire body. This first stimulates receptors in the Achilles tendon that stimulate nerve receptors, which track up to the cerebellum (the part of the brain that is responsible for balance). This pleasant vibrating action causes the brain to tell the muscles of your body to actively contract to maintain its equilibrium, thus creating a therapeutic and muscle-toning workout.


Increases Lymphatic Drainage

Our body vibrates every single moment it pumps blood. Hence, vibration is essential for our blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. But what is lymphatic drainage? The lymphatic system is a network of ducts and nodes that drains toxins out of the muscles in the body. These nodes help in conveying antibodies into the muscles, making our bodies stronger and resistant to fatigue. Lymph nodes play a significant role in our immune system, which most people forget to pay attention to. Unfortunately, the lymphatic system is not capable of pumping toxins out of these nodes by itself and heavily relies on muscle activity. When you stand up straight on your VibraTrim, you can feel the aches and pains of standing all day, exercising or just plain working going away as stiffness and tightness of your muscles seems to drain away. This is the lymphatic drainage at work while it also fights infection and bacteria. Spending a few minutes a day on your VibraTrim will make you feel lighter, looser and more relaxed. Try it after a tough day. You will be amazed at your revitalization.


Vibrational Therapy Increases Your Circulation

 Muscles contraction requires oxygen and glucose. By increasing the number of muscle contractions, so does your need for oxygen and glucose. Your body responds naturally by increasing the heart rate to provide those vital elements to your muscles. As a result, your VibraTrim is automatically increasing your blood flow.


Vibrational Therapy Lowers Your Stress

Stress can cause the release of Cortisol. Cortisol is terrible for the body – it causes your body’s inflammation levels to go up, it robs you of sleep, wipes out your adrenal glands and after a while leaves you constantly exhausted. Exercising on your VibraTrim helps your body to reduce the levels of Cortisol and replace it with the release of endorphins, the “Feel Good” hormones.

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